Friday, August 31, 2007


NO...this is not a tribute to one of my favorite TV shows, GOOD TIMES...ALTHOUGH the subject of this post is a man from the city that was the show's setting. Yes, I'm talking about Young Jawline aka Austin Polo aka the Louis Vuitton Don aka Chicago's Young Prince--Kanye West. The brother has more attitude than three gay men in a San Diego coffee shop (CRAZY ATTITUDE!) and nearly as much money in his bank accounts. In the words of an old homeless lady on 87th in the heart of the Windy City's Southside, "that boy then done good." The first project was so strong that critics were licking their lips in anticipation of a sophomore slump, but young Mr. West had a surprise and a middle finger waiting for his detractors. With a third offering on the way, who will win this time: the artist or his haters?

The artist wins again. The advance copy that I previewed recently is a MONSTER. What can I say? The fellow has a gift for translating his thoughts into incredibly entertaining music! On 11SEPT2007, you will see what I mean. If you don't like Kanye and his famously outspoken attitude, turn off your radio and television. The last quarter of 2007 is going to be chilly...because the City of Chi is blowin' a hawk in your ear! Enjoy. cotton balls NOW. SERIOUSLY.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Important Event That Needs YOUR Attention

I cannot make this trip, but I pray that you can:

On September 20th, Mychal Bell--the first of the Jena 6 to be convicted--is scheduled for sentencing. If the District Attorney has his way, Mychal will face 22 years in prison. It's a horrifying moment for Mychal, his parents, and the rest of the Jena 6 families. It's also a perfect time for those who can to come to Jena, in person, and stand with them. We know it's a serious time and financial commitment, but we wanted to give you the opportunity to join the hundreds of people who have already emailed us to say that they will come. If you can join us, please click on the link below to RSVP:

Our presence in Jena--in large numbers--will help focus media attention on the situation in Jena, escalate pressure on Louisiana public officials, and most importantly, show the families of the Jena 6, especially Mychal Bell and his parents, that we will stand with them in the face of this injustice.

On July 31st, with only a few days to prepare, 300 people from across the country rallied at the Jena Courthouse. We delivered a petition signed by 43,000 members to the District Attorney demanding that he drop the charges against the Jena 6. It was a powerful day that made it clear that the Jena 6 and their families won't have to fight on their own. Since then, more than 100,000 people have taken action and contacted the Governor, media attention to the case has grown, and we have an even bigger opportunity to make a profound impact.

As we plan for this event, we want to get a sense of how many people can commit to coming to Jena. Below are some details about getting there, so you can figure out if you'll be able to join us.


If you're flying to Louisiana, the closest airports to Jena are Alexandria (45 minute drive) and Monroe (my hometown...and EXPENSIVE AIRFARE--1.5 hour drive). You can also fly to Lafayette (2.25 hour drive), Shreveport (2.75 hour drive), Baton Rouge (3 hour drive), New Orleans (4.25 hour drive), or Houston (about a 5 hour drive). The closest hotels are in Pineville and Alexandria. As they fill up, we'd recommend staying at hotels near the airports above.

If travelling from out of town, you'll want to get to Louisiana the night before, as things will start early in the morning, probably by 8am or 9am. Organizers will meet you when you arrive at a central location in Jena and get you situated for the day. We will be providing maps, organizers' cell phone numbers, and other information closer to the day-of; you will be able to reach someone in case you have any problems, need directions, or have questions along the way.


Once you're confident you can come, please rsvp at the following:

If you have questions, you can send them to

If you can't come, don't worry. We'll be sending emails soon with more ways to take action between now and the 20th. Whatever your participation, we thank you for your ongoing commitment to justice for the Jena 6. It continues to be our privilege to be part of such a powerful community of support for these young men.

Thanks and Peace,

-- James Rucker
Executive Director,
August 28th, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Something Cool to Check Out...

Ananda is one of the beautifully talented souls who have blessed my walk through this online village. Stop by her page, take a listen to her podcast, and enjoy some peace (it's almost tangible on her page!).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...In One Video!

I posted this video on Myspace when it occurred to me: Why should my grown and sexy friends in Bloggerland miss out? I like the song for its lyrics (God knows I love a strong sista!) AND the scenery (All I can say is GOD IS GOOT!). Enjoy it! Barbados, stand up!

"Roll It"

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A New Tupac Song?

My IG'NANT brother Darian sent this to me yesterday, and my face hurts from laughing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where Are You, Cap?

I don't see my girl Cap online just yet...and that sucks! She has me hooked to her Wednesday Wisdoms to the point that I felt inspired to post one in her stead. I noticed this little quote on a coffee cup logo in one of the many coffee/tea spots in San Diego, and its power struck me like a young Tyson punch:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world..." --Mahatma Gandhi.

Please share your thoughts. I want to learn from the village today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love On Time

Walkin' on a cloud
You're a true windstar
Beauty ravishing
You know who you are
You're a straight-up menace
To my senses
Your dimensions
Leave me skeptical
That God
Created you with good intentions
I mean
Can I be expected NOT
To notice those curves
To feel my freak come out
When you speak those words
Man, I shoulda paid attention
Back in Spanish class
Cuba done you propa
With all that bubble...
On about you and who you are,
I'm sight-raped now--
You've become my star
I only remember one damn Spanish word
That fits this scene:
B O N I T A ! ! !
Girl, you must be a dream!
I step,
But you turn your head;
Thank God I got some confidence...
Or my heart would be dead!
I step--
You can't scare off a man like me...
Not when I notice
You looking out your eye's corner
At ME.
"Bonita...look at me."
You do.
"No wasted time...
"Life is too short...
"Let's talk.
"I want to know
"If the beauty I see around you
"Is even close to the beauty in you.
"Shall we?"
Yeah, it was lame...
But she walked my way.
In English soaked
With lime and Castro she said,
"Senor, you're not ready for that.
"It could take years to learn such facts.
"If you mean it, where will you start?"
I couldn't hold that smile
If I tied it down and chained it
Like Big Man walking the Green Mile
On his way to execution.
I said,
"I'll start with your name--"
"Sweet butterfly...thank you for
"Flying my way."
I took her hand--I don't know why--
But I noticed that she didn't resist.
Motioned toward a small cafe...
She strode with the illest twist.
Bwoi, look at that WAWK!
Had to get my SELF together...
I was determined to get to know this woman
If it took my life's forever.
We started a conversation
That has lasted forty-five years.
We've hurdled obstacles, fought adversity,
And wiped away each others' tears.
Looking back,
I loved her from the moment we met...
The beginning of our years.
Love is real, y'all,
No matter how your hurts
All feel.
It's right around your corner,
But it won't run up to you.
Pay attention when it comes your way--
So I can write this poem about YOU.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Humility = Strength

I love seeing the underdog rise to the top...especially when the underdog is a good brother. Common (you already know that he is one of my favorite lyricists if you read this blog) recently hit Billboard's Top 100 with his new project's--FINDING FOREVER's--first week sales. His music is not booty music, snap rap, or baller stories. A POET IS ROCKIN' IT! That truth makes me smile. There is still hope for good music in America.

Humility also makes me proud of this brother. I've seen many people in my day approach me with crocodile smiles and syrupy words to coax my vulnerability for their own sinister end. It makes me proud that this gentleman is sincere in his walk and thankful for his fans and listeners (I don't fulfill "fan" very well, but I LISTEN to music on every level that my spirit allows.) What am I talking about?