Friday, February 29, 2008

Change IS Gonna Come

Enjoy a classic.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The truth is the hardest pill. Swallowed whole, it heals to the marrow of man.

When people speak the curious notion that America may not be ready for a Black president, remind them that Blacks' ruling well over powerful governments predates the "youthful" history of our nation.

Hatred destroys nations; love builds mighty kingdoms.

Drop the race-baiting and let a legal and untampered ballot answer the question for once and for all...

Then, and only then, will we KNOW.

Mini Parking 303: CapCity Could Teach This!

I've never seen her drive, but I hear that my sis CapCity can move her little red Mini like a champ! I wonder if she can parallel park THIS well:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Reminder...

Normally, I would write these words in my journal or post them on my "therapy" blog. I felt a need to share this poem here. What lies ahead of you isn't as tough as it seems, so trust God and keep going. Believe me when I say that we all have "crossroads" moments in our lives that define us. We cannot afford to forget how the Lord stands ready and willing to act in our behalf. An old man told me years ago that "God is a gentleman, and He won't force anything on you that you need...if you don't feel the need to ask Him for it."

Hang in there...

No door is closed
Unless God holds it shut;
You may not be ready yet
To walk in that room.

Don't forget your promises;
Hold to your faith.
Drop your pretense now...
God will open the door
When you trust Him in your walk
And believe He will protect you
From all that you fear will block you.

Time to tell the truth...
Will you fold in failure
Or worship God in faith?
It's time.
Trust God.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blackness Does Not Equal Color

Blackness is...
The start of Creation,
The righteousness of a nation;
The cool of your stride,
The foundation of your pride;
The condition of beginnings,
The start of life and space;
Changing losses into winnings,
Describing life and not a race.

We are all based in Blackness.
We are all dust and Spirit.
We have all been born;
We shall all surely die.

Celebrate Creation with me:
Be Black--
Give God your best today.
Be Black--
Show your neighbor love today.
Be Black--
Respect another child of God
Just because you can.
Be Black--
Squash a quarrel.
Be Black--
Hold your tongue in check.
Be Black--
Encourage and be encouraged.
Be Black--
Leave all your "isms" in the trash-pile...
But not in the recycle bin.
Be Black--
Live your life well.

Be Black.
Every color combined is Black.
Every shade appraised is Black.
Every tone revered is Black.

Be Black.
You'll never have the worry
Of not being yourself.