Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Roots make me happy musically. In a world of cookie-cutter, play-by-numbers rhymers and cut-and-paste sample-heavy "producers" (no more hyphens-- I PROMISE), the Roots are master musicians fronted by a LY-RI-CIST (oops... my bad) named Black Thought, musicians who grab every conceivable sound in their aural space and create something new and simultaneously old every time they enter a studio. God, they keep me hopeful about the state of hip hop. Enjoy something new from their upcoming project, RISING DOWN, due to hit shelves April 29, 2008. As the young cats say now, "Jig, kid."

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Friday, April 18, 2008

My Opinion is Worth NOTHING (Black Man Thought)

Writer's block is the devil.

America's media has pulled off the impossible heist: TV and the internet have stolen my attention span.

I dreamed of moving from SoCal to the Midwest to AVOID earthquakes. Who knew that the New Madrid fault was so crazy? Illinois, God bless you.

Porn, CNN, and government-agency involvement in illegal drug use and distribution: Ruining American hope has never been easier.

Obama and Hillary want the "don't ask/don't tell" policy removed from US armed forces' rules of conduct. WHO CARES? Trust me: there are no secrets in the military. Keeping the career and the personal separate is a must for both the hetero and the homo.

"Politically Correct" is an old White man's way of saying that he's afraid to speak his mind.

Silly Black women in San Diego: Southern brothers still open doors for you EVEN WHEN YOUR ATTITUDES ARE RETARDED. Thank God that good sisters still run ting, bwoi!

Single men, if you disrespect me with your tales of young lust with single women, I'll tell you about my adventures with my lady. Dude, don't blame me when you learn that your sex life can't hold water to mine. Marriage is GOOD, playa!

Sexy is a husband and wife team raising a future leader of the free world. Hot to def is seeing the Black version.

A man asked me why I rarely find Caucasian women attractive. I told him that they live up to their stereotypes too often and dream of mine even more. His wife smiled.

Just my thoughts...