Saturday, August 1, 2009

Writing Exercise for a Distracted, Sleep-Deprived Writer

Sit straight and tall as if a Catholic nun has just rapped your back with a ruler.

Breathe deeply.

As you inhale again, arch your back and allow your ribcage to expand as fully as possible.

By now your focus is returning slowly.  Most of “writer’s block” is tension-based; rhythmic breathing and concentrating on something besides the page for just a few minutes often does the trick.  Need more?  Continue as listed below:

Stretch your arms open and wide as you inhale deeply.  Watch for passersby who ignore your open and ever-nearing arms—no lawsuits, right?

Take a short, brisk walk; the increased blood flow and new environs will invigorate you.  Keep the distance short enough to avoid wasting time away from the page and fighting even more fatigue.

AAAAHHH!!!  I don’t know about you, but I feel better!  Honestly speaking, I wrote this posting as I did everything on this list.  Let me know if this “writing exercise” helps you, too!