Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Music: Sade

OK, exactly how old is Sade? Does this vixen AGE?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Reality Check for the Hopeful

Few good things come easily. The job market will turn around. Our troops will come home--eventually. We, the hopeful voters who broke voting records in the last presidential election to demonstrate our need--our call--for change, did not place all of our dreams and wishes on Mr. Obama's shoulders.

We voted for a different viewpoint and a change in focus. We determined that we would give the bright and talented underdog his chance to serve us. Corporations and lobbyists didn't crumble and die after the elections closed; their influence is a staple function of today's American politics.

We change the world when we agree and act upon the same goals. In his acceptance speech, our new President was wise enough to paint a plain and astonishingly frank picture of the legal and political obstacles ahead of us. Think back, move forward.

Don't let America's atrociously lazy news media machine steal away your hope. Your hopes, your dreams, are yours to keep, yours to live and yours to pass on. Protect and share your best wishes for your community and country.