Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Questions, The Questions*

*Shouts to the Soulquarians and Common for rocking a cold instrumental, the music track that inspires this post.

If the first Black President allows his predecessor's sins against the nation to continue, should I blame him completely for the resulting hurts to the nation's conscience? Even if I voted for him?!?

Did Michael Jackson's family plan to dump the funeral bill on the city of Los Angeles, or is some overly reactive reporter making speculation to boost his paper's or its website's readership?

Does any layperson/non-scientist research the chemistry behind many of the current "green" projects to ensure their alleged "lower ecological impact" and "gentler carbon footprint" on Earth? Would further research verify the cult of marketing's push toward expensive means to justify the "planet-friendly" ends, or would we see a slick scam goin' on?

If religion is not faith, and faith is not religion, does either survive absent the presence of the other?

If the Bible defines love as "to obey God," do we truly love one another if we require ungodly actions to prove its presence?

Name your most endeared and enduring deadly sin.

If sound travels fastest through a solid, why can't toll booth operators hear me through their Plexiglass and steel booths?

Who trusts the Enzyte commercials? Are young men getting them on the streets as easily as they get Viagra and Cialis? Does anyone see the danger in mixing a product that warns of possible blindness, degraded heart condition and liver concerns with alcohol or Red Bull? Speaking of Red Bull, what kind of legal speed does the drink contain to keep a person awake and w-i-r-e-d for hours?

Honestly, these are NOT rhetorical questions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Need Your Answers

What is Christianity today?

Can someone define "being spiritual?"

Are faith and religion identical?

I know my answers. Tell me what you believe. See the headphones? I'm eager to hear you!